RYFDB Road Map to Heallth & Safety in Youth Football

As a result of successful cooperation between Baltic Football School, FC Elva, Valmiera FC and Siaulai FA in the Regional Youth Initiative for Football Development in Baltic`s (RYFDB) project, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, a Road Map to Health & Safety has been designed. 

This output is primarily focused around the topics of injury prevention, nutrition and safety – areas that were found as being insufficiently understood among the youth football players in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Each of the covered aspects is divided into three parts, for youth players, for their parents, for their coaches, given that each have a different role to play in the young athlete`s development. 

Currently two different versions of the Road Map exist. A PDF version of the designed material can be accessed for free and is available here

However, a more digital, dynamic and engaging experience, is incorporated into minute.coach where in the near future you will be able to learn in a competitive and interactive manner to improve your football and life skills.