MOTION Progress Update – November 2021

MOTION project is part of European Union`s Erasmus+ programme and aims to develop a scientifically based training methodology to improve physical condition of youth athletes in a safe manner. The project is led by Baltic Football School and together with Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Siauliai Football Federation, FC Elva, and Dynamo Kyiv looks to foster cross-sectoral cooperation between various institutions, sectors and methods.

During the months of July and August three separate events were held in three different Baltic States cities, Liepaja, Siauliai, and Elva to progress MOTION project. During these meetings practical workshops were held to assess the performance and carry out tests of current situation at project partner clubs in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. During these tests data on posture, foot position, longitudinal size, and operation of movements among other thing were gathered to compare against the role model which was built from the data gathered from Dynamo Kyiv academy players.

Following these meetings, the data points from every country were compared against the role model to define the deviation from it. With various statistical methods and models the data was further examined to identify correlation and causation between various parameters with the goal to better understand how certain physical characteristics might impact one’s performance.

All the project partners met later in October at Latvian Academy of Sport Education facilities in Riga to discuss the findings related to correlation between physical indicators and performance, and consequently to develop an exercise set and methodology which could help to address these deviations from role model and positively impact players performance.

The next project phase is to implement this training plan in partners clubs around the Baltic States for the next three months with the goal of improving such physical traits like speed, explosiveness, flexibility, and strength to name a few.